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Hair color that cares

Shiny, bright and long-lasting color with Salermvison

SALERMVISON offers permanent hair color with excellent results in shiny and long-lasting colors with perfect gray coverage. An exclusive selection of hair color pigments allow you to design made-to-measure color with a natural oil base for added shine and reduced skin irritation.


Mix in a ratio of one part color to one and a half parts Aloe Vera developer. Exposure time is 30 minutes. For stubborn gray, mix in a ratio of one part color to two parts Aloe Vera developer and leave to develop for up to 40 minutes. Magic blonde shades should be mixed in a ratio of one part color to two parts Aloe Vera developer. Exposure time is an average of 45 minutes.

122 colors available

Permanent hair color

Perfect gray cover

Natural shine

Longer-lasting color

Natural hydrating and restructuring components

Exposure time: 30 minutes

75 ml (2,3 oz)

Combine it with...


More than a color, an attitude. Based on the latest fashion trends, these shades of red allow you to create larger-than-life hairstyles with plenty of personality. Mix them up or combine with other shades from the range to create an exclusive blend of light and shadow and a visual effect of volume, depth and richness. Our R+D laboratories have incorporated color pigments into the formula which are ultra-resistant to external agents and other factors that can affect color duration, allowing them to stay intact and shiny for longer.

These are the new reddish:

7,63 – Reddish golden blonde: natural warmth. The hottest red around right now is this pastel, coral shade. A sprinkle of highlights or a whole head of hair in this color will boost volume and brightness. Multiplies the subtle red tones of the skin. Ideal for fair skin.

7,60 – Natural reddish blond: the perfect red. The bright shade of red we all want. A pure and balanced shade which brings harmony and creates the perfect balance between face and hair. Ideal for gently tanned or olive skin.

6,62 – Reddish pearly dark blond: balance and sophistication. Add a touch of depth and dimension with this pearly red. Ideal for application on dark roots for a more up-to-date, modern and vibrant feel. Ideal for dark skin (whether medium or dark).

6,92 – Dark blonde pearly violet: excentuate your best features.A violet shade with an intense red hue. The ideal color for those who adore purple and are searching for a long-lasting reflect that’s resistant to washing and light. Ideal for fair and medium skin.


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