Citric Balance

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Citric Balance Mask

Conditioning treatment for color-treated or chemically processed hair

Regulates the pH of the hair and scalp

Citric Balance Mask is an acidic restructuring mask that conditions and restores the hair’s natural pH. A formula created according to the Salerm Cosmetics Sequential Hair Care System which restores the hair’s structure after chemical processing, making such treatments last longer and exhibit improved chromatic results.

Suitable for any hair which has been subjected to color, straightening or shaping treatments.

Citric Balance Mask regulates pH, provides deep reaching nourishment, rehydrates and stabilizes hair thanks to its composition including pure keratin and fruit acid to seal the hair cuticle


Wash and towel dry hair. Apply and leave on for 3 minutes.

Restores natural pH

Pure keratin for maximum hair repair and fruit acids to seal the hair’s cuticle.

Ideal for everyday use at home.

The perfect hair care for color-treated, straightened and permed hair.

Application: 3 minutes

250 ml (8.6 oz)
1000 ml (34,4 oz)

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by Salerm Cosmetics



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