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KAPs Filler Duoactive Liss Serum

Treats and repair damaged hair

Step 2 to naturally smooth and shiny hair that's frizz-free

KAPs Filler Liss Serum is a twin-phase serum based on KAPs and keratin that guarantees effective repair and smoothing volume control

Frizz-free, healthy, soft flowing and shiny hair thanks to the formaldehyde-free KAPs Filler treatment.


After washing and drying the hair, divided into 4 parts. Shake before use and then transfer to the application bottle and with the help of the spray, distribute along each separate section starting from the nape of the neck. Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes.

Frizz-free, soft, healthy and shiny hair

Suitable for all hair types


Lasts up to 3 months depending on hair type

500 ml (16,9 oz)

Keratin Associated Proteins (KAPS)

KAPs are proteins located in the keratin fibers. Their use is an important step forward in regenerative treatments.

Keratin, an essential component of the hair, is one of the most resistant proteins we have, and as such are the last to suffer damage. This means that there are many other associated proteins that are lost much sooner and these are responsible for dry and dull hair.

These proteins associated with keratin are known in the scientific world as KAPs. Investigation and scientific advances enable KAPs Filler to recover these internal amino acid proteins and repair the hair, restoring its initial properties.

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