Absolut Evolution 3.0

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Evolution Liss Cream Strong

Fast and complete straightening treatment

Step 1 to straight, soft, strong and flowing hair

Evolution Liss Cream Strong is a permanent straightening cream enriched with low-molecular-weight hydrolyzed keratin that cares for the hair. It incorporates Plex Fiber Protect technology to reinforce and care for the hair fiber, strengthening both its internal and external structures. The strong format is designed for application on virgin, stubborn or healthy hair that has not been repeatedly subjected to oxidation hair color or bleaching treatments.

Absolut Evolution 3.0 is a permanent straightening treatment that acts on the hair’s surface and cortex and incorporates the latest technology in straightening treatments. It eliminates curl formation, modifying the hair structure and leaving it shiny, soft and strong. Its formula makes it possible to obtain good results without the need to use a flat iron or any form of heat before neutralization, reducing application time.


Apply Evolution Care & Protect Cream to the ends and damaged areas of unwashed hair (only wash if the hair is particularly dirty or with clear signs of product build-up that could interfere with the action of the cream). Place Evolution Liss Cream Strong in a non-metallic bowl. Create the necessary partitions and apply to strands, with the aid of a comb, 5 mm from the scalp. Comb through once to align the fibers. Leave to process for 5-40 minutes without additional heat.

Strong strength for healthy and strong hair

Plex Fiber Protect to strengthen hair

Hydrolyzed keratin to protect hair

Heat application and Irons are not required

250 ml


Plex Fiber Protect is a complex of active ingredients which reinforce the hair’s cystine linkages for added strength. These act directly on the hair fiber, repairing cuticle damage, strengthening the hair and forming a protective film. The result? Stronger, shinier, softer and straighter hair.



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