Absolut Straightener

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Absolut Straightener Step 2: Cream Relaxer

Wakey, wakey! Definitive straightening that's kind to hair is no longer a dream

Absolut Straightener: Definitive keratin straightening 0% formaldehyde

Absolut Straightener Step 2 Cream Relaxer changes the hair’s shape leaving it perfectly straight. This permanent straightening cream is enriched with natural hydrolyzed keratin and works by modifying the hair’s cysteine bonds to straighten curly, wavy or frizzy hair. Comes in three strengths: natural, difficult hair, natural/virgin hair (that has not been previously processed) and color-treated hairAbsolut Straightener is the first straightener designed as a complete treatment process which doesn’t include formaldehyde. Advanced straightening technology which protects hair thanks to hydrolyzed keratin which ensure hair is hydrated, shiny and full of bounce.


Comb the hair and divide into sections. Begin by applying from the nape of the neck. Choose the suitable cream either for Color Treated or Natural hair depending on the hair’s condition. Apply all over without touching the roots. Once the processing time is up rinse well with warm water.  DO NOT TOUCH THE SKIN. DO NOT COVER THE HAIR. DO NOT USE ADDITIONAL HEAT. Processing times: Normal hair: 30 minutes. Difficult hair: 40 minutes.

Straightening without formaldehyde or derivatives

System based on Japanese straightening systems.

Formula contains hydrolyzed keratin of natural origin for maximum hair care.

Lasts up to 3 months depending on the hair

500 ml (13.9 oz)

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