Salerm 21

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Salerm 21 Bi-Phase

Protect your hair the easy way

Conditioned, healthy and beautiful hair

Salerm 21 BI-PHASE has been developed specifically to protect the hair fibers from sun exposure, chlorine and salt water, as well as conditioning, untangling and repairing hair in an instant to leave it looking healthy, shiny and frizz-free.

Its original bi-phase spray formula boasts a two-fold effect and a long-lasting UV filter. Phase 1 protects the hair fiber thanks to its keratin-based composition, it prolongs color duration, illuminates and provides shine and prevents brassiness. Phase 2 conditions, repairs and untangles in an instant. It also eliminates frizz, protects hair from chlorine and salt water and prevents salts and metals from becoming deposited on the hair.

With Salerm 21 Bi-Phase will improve the result and duration of technical processes. The result: healthy, strong and protected hair!

How to use

Spray Salerm 21 Bi-Phase all over the hair and comb through. Leave-in. Proceed as usual.

Protect the hair structure and color

Illuminate and add shine

Anti-brassiness effect

Condition, repair and untangle

Eliminate the dreaded frizz

Protect from chlorine and saltpeter

Improve hair processing results

190 ml (6.4 fl.oz)

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