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Green Shot Balsam

Organic hair care 100% vegan

Up to 97% natural ingredients

Green Shot Balsam hydrates and detoxifies thanks to its formula based on up to 97% natural ingredients and leaves hair feeling soft and conditioned.

Formulated with ingredients selected to offer a more natural and comfortable experience. This purifying and detoxifying vegan balsam combat daily stress and leaves hair more hydrated and natural with added vitality and freshness. With apple fragrance for an experience that’s … yummy!


After washing, apply Green Shot Balsam and gently massage into the hair shaft, paying particular attention to the ends. Rinse and style as usual.

Formula 100 % vegan

97 % natural ingredients

Hydrates and detoxifies

Dermatologically tested

Free from sulfates and parabens

300 ml – 10.3 oz

4000 ml – 136.9 oz


Biokera Fresh is an organic hair care treatment born from the need for sustainable, vegan hair care based on natural ingredients. Its green formula refreshes, hydrates, soothes and resets your hair’s balance. The green cocktail contains.

Aloe Vera: natural active with powerful hydrating capacity. Provides deep cleaning and eliminates impurities and oils that have built up over time to leave hair strong and shiny.

Apple: considered an authentic elixir of youth, it nourishes the hair and scalp to prevent premature aging thanks to its high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content.

Mint: menthol provides a pleasantly refreshing sensation. Also has notable hydrating and toning properties which prevent hair becoming dry and lifeless.

Green tea: powerful natural antioxidant that improves hair strength and shine and prevents mild irritation.



by Salerm Cosmetics



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